About Uncle Henry’s

A lot of people over the years have asked Ziggy, what is the meaning behind Uncle Henry’s? When he named the business he wanted something special that people would remember and would identify with. The Uncle part of our name signifies that we are a family run and operated business with a great crew. Most people have a favourite Uncle that they have some special memories with or who taught them some bad habits over the years. At Uncle Henry’s we try and create a special relationship with our customers. The second part of our business name Henry’s is out of respect to the man himself the late great Henry Ford.

At Uncle Henrys, we are car and motorcycle enthusiasts not retailers. For us it is not about Holden or Ford, but the design of the vehicle or bike that makes it special. At the end of the day, we all drive and ride what we can afford or are prepared to go into debt for. We run with a simple philosophy of not criticising another mans ride.

Our business commenced in 2003 in South Australia. At the time he was building an EH Holden sedan and knew once he was finished he would be bored and needed another project to build. Thinking of the next car would be hard to find, he started to look for a 65 XP Ford Falcon coupe. A month later, she was sitting in his driveway as his daily driver.

So the EH got sold and the excess parts went on eBay. he loaded up the F100 and headed to Mallala raceway in SA. Uncle Henrys was born at the racetrack and raised in the shed.

His love for cars and bikes came from a young age, and surprisingly this interest came from his mother who wanted to be a stock car driver. His early years were spent watching speedway from the roof of Shirl the girls Austin A50 around the dirt tracks of Victoria. He can remember one meeting at Nagambie in Victoria when a car lost a rear wheel and it bounced up over the safety fence over the top of their heads. Bathurst for Ziggy was all about Brocky, Moff and Dickie Johnson.

His mums pay day always meant a brand new Matchbox car for him. Ziggy can fondly remember licking the chocolate icing of the wheels of a diecast vintage car that was on top of his 5th birthday cake. Their first family car was a FB Holden station wagon. The shape and all the chrome, she was cool car no seatbelts, just a grab strap and an open window for air conditioning.

Too many cars and un-finished projects over the years, his first a 65 Hillman Minx, cost him $200.00, sold it for $20 and the guys who brought it ended up with $1020 in fines when they were caught driving it un-registered, etc at the end of his street (only 50 metres in length). his current project being built at present is a 1949 Desoto 5 window 50’s style hot rod truck. The Black dog will be one cool ride.

Our goal at Uncle Henrys is to compliment your investment and add to your memories by offering you high quality memorabilia that you are proud to wear or hang on the wall. At Uncle Henrys nothing is impossible. We don’t run a retail store and probably never will, well not in a traditional sense anyway, we trade online and frequent car and bike shows and related events.