The Corolla E20 was the second generation of cars sold by Toyota under the Corolla nameplate.

The second-generation Toyota KE20 Corolla Coupe / TE20 model, launched in May 1970, had “coke bottle styling”. It had a longer 2,335 mm (91.9 in) wheelbase. The front suspension design was improved greatly, using a swaybar, however the rear remained relatively similar. The Corolla became the second-best selling car in the world that year. Grades for sedan were Standard, Deluxe, and Hi-Deluxe. The coupé was offered in Deluxe, SL, SR, and Levin (“levin” is Old English for “lightning”).

Minor changes were made in September 1971 with a new grille, turn signal lights, and tail lights, along with similar treatment to the Sprinter. A further facelift was done in August 1972.

Most models stopped production in July 1974 but the KE26 wagon and van were still marketed in Japan alongside the new 30-series, until production finally ended in May 1978.

Load carrying duties of the Corolla Van were lightened by the arrival of the all new Toyota TownAce in 1976, while its twin the Toyota LiteAce was sold at Toyota Auto Store locations next to the Sprinter, with both vehicles using the Corolla/Sprinter 1200 cc 3K-J, and 1600 cc 2T-J and 12T-U engines. Vehicles installed with the 1.6 litre engine were ranked as the top level trim package, as the engine displacement obligated Japanese owners to pay more annual road tax.

The sporting Levin was originally only available with the twin-cam engine; in late 1973 this was joined by the somewhat cheaper and less powerful “Levin J”, with the SOHC 2T-B engine. Levin production levels were around 5000 per year. In addition to a variety of other performance upgrades, the Levin has fender extensions and a quicker steering rack than other Corollas, while the Twin Cam versions lack servo brakes so as to make for a sportier feel for the driver.

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